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  МБОУ "Намская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1 имени И.С. Гаврильева РС(Я)"

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 Однажды в темном лесу… Finally…

Тема Урока: Однажды в темном лесу… Finally…

Составитель: Маркова Вера Ильинична
учитель английского языка «НСОПШ №1 им. И.С. Гаврильева»,
Намского улуса, с. Намцы, Республики Саха (Якутия)

Тема урока: Однажды в темном лесу… Finally…

Образовательные: формирование коммуникативной компетенции при составлении связного повествования, используя слова- связки; практика в использовании прошедших времен глагола (Past Simple, Past Continuous)
Воспитательные: создание благоприятного микроклимата  в классе, развитие чувства ответственности за своих домашних питомцев, осознание необходимости преодоления чувства страха
Развивающие: развитие навыков чтения, письма, говорения, аудирования по теме 
введение и активизация лексики по теме 
развитие умения составлять пересказ прочитанного текста;
развитие навыка полного понимания на слух аутентичного текста;
повторение прошедшего простого времени, прошедшего длительного времени, их согласование при описании  действий в устной и письменной речи;
повторение форм неправильных глаголов;
развитие навыка устного высказывания по теме.
Оснащение урока:
видеопроектор и интерактивная доска;
презентация для интерактивной доски;
УМК Н.Н. Деревянко Английский язык нового тысячелетия New Millennium English, учебник для 6 класса общеобразовательных учреждений (учебник, рабочая тетрадь, кассета);
карточки для повторения форм неправильных глаголов
Ход урока.
1. Организационный момент. 
-Good morning, children! We have a lot of guests. They are all teachers from our ulus and republic.  You should say "hello” to them.
Boy and girls! How are you?
-Fine, thank you! And you?
-I’m all right!  By the way, what do you think about the weather?
- The weather is cold today.
- What is the temperature? Do you know it?
- Yes, it’s minus 35./ No, I don’t know.
2. Warm-up.  To begin with, let’s read a short poem and try to remember it as quickly as we can. OK..
(1 слайд- стишок)

The sun is shining
And birds are singing.
We are feeling OK
What a wonderful day!
3. Phonetics. We have a lot of guests. They are all teachers from our ulus and republic.  
Упражнение на звуки [ai], [i]. На интерактивной доске.
5. Повторение пройденного материала. Активизация МФ The body of … a… (картинка из учебника)
6. Can you describe some pictures of spooky creatures? (описание картин )
7. Speaking.
Teacher. Now let’s remember the beginning of the story about the two boys and the Witch Owl. We read it last lesson. Shall we do it in chain? 
Pupils. – OK
(пересказ по цепочке, опорные ЛЕ)
Retelling the beginning of the story. Пересказ начала. (picture from the textbook)
8. Making    predictions.   предположение. 
Teacher. Can you predict the end of the story? What do you think happened finally? Was it the happy ending?
8. Listening. Listen and check. Were your predictions correct? Why do you think that happened?
(The Witch Owl took them as pets into its nest. The Witch Owl wanted to keep them as pets. The children wanted to have an owl as a pet but the Owl took them into its nest  to keep them as pets )
9. Grammar. Повторение грамматического материала (прошедшее время глагола) Let’s play cards and revise our irregular verbs. (игра по карточкам)
10. Выполнение грамматического упражнения (W/books, p. 52, ex.1)
11. Reading. Ex. 2,p. 80
- Verbs (Past tenses),  meanings
- 1.were 2. Were crying 3.answered 4. Wanted   5. Began  6. Fell  7. Ran away 8. Decided
- Listen and check.
12. Ex/3a. Let’s remember the whole story, telling in chain (in Russian)
- Let’s do it in groups.
- 1st group- On the interactive board.
- 2nd  group – read the story in the textbook.
- 3rd group- you’ll work with the cards. Read the paragraphs; put them in the right order. Check orally.
- OK. After having put the paragraphs in the correct order do you have a story?
Let’s compare two text. (сравнение двух текстов)
- Not yet, because something is missing. To make a story we need to join the facts together. There are special words that connect the events together to make a story. What may these words be?
- Connectives: when, then, suddenly, finally. (Teacher: When did the scouts hear the strange scream from the forest? - When they were having a rest… What did Alan and Tom do then? -  They went to the forest and found a nest… What happened suddenly? - They saw the ugly face of a witch.)  (слова- связки на слайде)
- At the beginning we should use the structures to describe the setting:  It was… There was/ were…
- Read out the   whole  story with connectives
ANSWER: b  e  a  d  c
13. Discussion of the message (the main idea) of the story. Speaking.
Teacher: Is the story frightening or funny? Did you enjoy it? Let’s read the questions in Ex/3b and answer them using I think.
- Were the children scared to be in the nest? Did the Witch Owl want to teach them a lesson: watch but never touch? Why can’t we keep wild animals as pets? (we can’t keep some animals at home because they are dangerous/ People are afraid of them/ they are frightening/ they are wild/ They like to be free) Not all the animals can be our pets. Do you agree?
14. Speaking. Making choice of the best title for the story.
- A good title is also very important. Let’s choose the best title for the story. A good title should reflect the message of a story. What do you think about the 1st, 2nd , 3rd  titles? Are they possible?
- Do you agree that the best title is  A PET OWL?  Is it good to be a pet? Would you like to be a pet? Is it good to keep a big dog in a flat or a bird in a cage? Why not? Is it kind or cruel? (because they want to be free)
15. Заключительная часть урока.
- Оценивание урока учащимися:
- Учитель:Children!  Now judge the lesson. If the lesson was interesting raise your red cards. If the lesson was boring raise the  yellow cards.  Ученики поднимают карточки, оценивая урок.
- Оценивание работы учеников учителем:
- Учитель: And now I’d like to judge you. The most active children get "5”, less active get "4”, and who was inactive and made mistakes get "3”. I think next time you’ll do all your best to get better marks.
16. Homework. Writing a story using linking words. 
- Individual tasks for some pupils (W/book)
- Ex/5. Write a spooky story using the pictures and notes. Remember about the setting (lessons 1-2), the main events/ conflict (lessons  2) the description of the characters (lesson3), the resolution (lesson 4) and the use of connectives: when, then, suddenly. Finally (lesson4), the role of the title
- Учитель объясняет домашнее задание.( д/з написано на доске) Who wants to get "5” write down your  home task. Ex. 5, p. 81. 
Who wants to get "4” do ex. 1-3, p. 53 in WB.
Thank you. See you tomorrow. Good-bye. The lesson is over.

17. We have some time. Let’s play Wordsearch

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